Why Your Business Needs a Website

• Credibility – People put more trust in a business when they see a website. Having a website gives a sense of permanence and stability.

• Customers can find you

• Web Search – People tend to search for a business online before they decide to do business with them. Think about this the next time you’re on your computer, tablet or phone searching for products or services.

• Map Searching – With a website, map search results for your business will be better. Phone numbers and addresses placed in specific places are used by search engines to render results to the search page.

• Marketing is built in – A website is the modern equivalent of business cards, brochures, catalogs and portfolios to name a few. With a website you have the ability to change content without the cost associated with print. Marketing options are unlimited for a website and while ad space can be limited your website is not.

• Always on – Who knows when someone will decide to start searching for a business. A website is open when your business is not.

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