Starting a Small Business?

The following are a few things to consider when starting a business. What are your enablers? What is in your toolbox?

Word of Mouth – The most effective way to grow your business is by word of mouth. Having a website and a social media presence makes it easier for people to find and talk about your business.

Reviews and Testimonials – Most people seek out reviews before deciding to purchase. Allowing customers to review and/or provide testimonials on your website make this an easy win for your business.

Marketing – When marketing your business you need a call to action and your options are limited, usually to a phone number, business location or website. A website is open 24×7 providing information even when you’re not immediately available.

An Online Presence – What/who is your business, what does it do, how customers contact you, products and/or services and reviews and/or testimonials.

Business Costs – Any business needs to keep expenses low especially in the beginning. A website can help with this by being available even when you are not, automate tasks and provide a means to new customer acquisition. Our web design and hosting solutions are very affordable.

Getting Paid – A POS and billing/invoicing system is a no brainier. There are many options for getting paid but having a single payment system to track expenses and income make your life easier.

Need a custom app or software? We can help.

Need a website?

Need a billing/invoicing solution?

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